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Right now, the blockchain games space is full of digital collectible games. But, from a gameplay stance what if you want to do more than just collect and breed?

Axie Infinity is a game that gives you a wide variety of little pets to collect and breed, while giving you ample to do with them. In Axie Infinity, you can groom, train, and battle with your pets and each aspect is as meticulous as you want it to be. At the end of the day, however, is it enough and worth your ETH?

The pets you’ll be raising and collecting in Axie Infinity are called, aptly, Axies. Axies all have the same base form, essentially, but what makes them different are their parts, such as the mouth, horns, etc. Through their parts, their class can be determined, with beast and plant being part of the current six types. This is where the fun begins in Axies Infinity, the fun of having a different mix of Axie types, with varying parts to help in battle. The cheapest Axie is currently an Aquatic type, which costs 0.005 ETH, and the most expensive being a beast type costing 99,999 ETH. So, the price range is a wide one, with the cheapest option costing nearly nothing.

The different classes follow a rock, paper, scissors logic when it comes to who bests who. When the attacking class has an advantage over the opponent, there is bonus damage that is dealt. The opposite logic also follows. The depth in here lies on what class-type the part of your Axie was used to deal the attack, since one Axie can have parts belonging to different classes. So just because your Axie part is of a higher level, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a one-fits-all solution in battle. It’s best to consider what parts to level up and evolve and who you’re going up against. And just to make things even more fun, battles comprise of 3 vs 3 teams, so the mixing and matching of Axie classes and which ones to put in your team is that much more complex.

Outside the battlefield is where you’ll be taking care of your Axie on plots of land called Terrarium. Terrariums are 6×6 plots of land that have different terrains, such as savannah, forest, etc. Each type of terrain benefits a different Axie class. You can decorate your Terrarium with different items that can be purchased in the market place. In your plot of land, you can level up each of your Axie and even groom them in order to prepare for the next battle. Land can be expensive, however, especially depending on what type of land you buy.

The most common plot of land is the Savannah type, with one plot of land costing 0.0790 ETH. You can also purchase chests, which give you at least one plot of land, corresponding to the chest type, and an assortment of items. The cheapest chest is a Savannah one, which costs 0.05 ETH, while the most expensive is a mystic chest that costs 1 ETH. You can either purchase them individually or in bundles of 5, 20, and 100 chests. So, as you can see, to begin in and get the most out of Axie Infinity, you’ll be dropping quite a lot of ETH, and currently there aren’t any ways to gain ETH within the game, unless you decide to sell your Axies or Terrariums on OpenSea.

In terms of player activity and market density, Axie Infinity currently sits at number 20 on OpenSea’s activity rankings, so the community is still quite lively and you’ll be sure to get returns in any potential transactions.

As for its visuals, Axie Infinity has a lot going for it. It uses a cutesy, 2D aesthetic as its art-style and benefits from it with the type of game its going for. With a game that focuses on pets and collecting a lot of them, you’ll want something cute and fun to look at, and Axie Infinity fits the bill. Colors are vibrant and animations are fluid, even if just simple. It shows a lot of time and effort went in for even the most minute of details, such as Terarium chests animating and Axies having their own unique idle animations. Its a game that you can just look at for minutes at a time and just admire the details, despite its simplistic look.

Overall, Axie infinity is a robust experience for fans of collecting digital pets. It offers so much to do with your Axies and wants you to invest more and more as you go on, even if it can be quite expensive. Despite the amounts of ETH you’ll be spending to get out of your Axie Infinity experience, it does give back a lot in return. There are still quite a few things to come for the game, but what’s here is already enough to guarantee a full and robust experience.



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