CryptantCrab was reviewed using Osiris web 3.0 browser

CryptantCrab brings together the excitement of Betta Fish fighting and Crypto gaming, all without the reality of animal violence. Instead of Betta Fish, however, they use Crabs and along with that tons of fun permutations and breeds to collect that is only possible through blockchain technology.

At its core, CryptantCrab is a PvP game, where the best crab wins. The game adds a nice dash of competitiveness via its leaderboard and the Challenge Mode. Challenge Mode isn’t available from the get-go, however, since it’s only available for those who have accumulated a score of 500 and above. So, if you see someone with 500 points, then you have an opportunity to steal that person’s points and climb up the leaderboard. It removes any sense of security within the leaderboard, so you best train and create the best possible crabs to secure your spot on the leaderboard.

Tthe nitty-gritty, fun begins in CryptantCrab with creating the perfect crab for the right situation. Crabs fall under five different elemental classes, with each of them being weaker or stronger against different types. One crab can, however, have different elemental body parts. This can be advantageous and disadvantageous, where you can have a jack-of-all trades crab or create one single elemental crab that will have stat boosts due to having a complete elemental set. On top of that are the Crab Hearts, which are unique to each crab, that determine the stat growth of a crab when it levels up.

Creating a crab that completely falls under a single element class isn’t so simple, however. Every crab that hatches from an egg has varying elemental parts, so it’s imperative that you collect more than one crab. If you want to morph your crab to have a more uniform elemental set, then Xenografting is essential.

Xenografting takes one part from one crab and replaces it onto another. It’s not as simple as exchanging parts, however. Once a Xenograft has been performed, the crab you took a part from becomes a Fossil and can no longer engage in battle. Don’t fret and feel as if you’re wasting a crab though, since Fossils are still useful in battle. Instead of being able to use them as a fighter, rather they are used to give your fighting crab stat boosts. Not only that, but they are still tradable within the game’s market.

When it comes to CryptantCrab’s market, things are in abundance and quite affordable. Outright the game offers you a VIP pass that costs 0.15 ETH. This gives you 2 free crabs, 3 extra team slots, a x4 boost in daily Cryptant rewards and a x2 boost in experience points. There are other bonus deals, such as buying ten crabs, which guarantees at least 1 Legendary Crab. If you’d rather purchase form other players to get cheaper deals, then there’s the in-game Market, where a crab can go for as low as 0.04 ETH. There’s a plethora of options on how you can get your Crabs, especially for those who are price-conscious.

Overall, CryptantCrab is a great addition to blockchain gaming and is one of the few that gives purpose and excitement to collecting lots of different digital creatures. It has a dynamic competitive aspect, where no player is safe, and a meticulous customization system that makes no two crabs the same. So go out there and Xenograft the best possible crab to conquer the leaderboard.



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