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Blockchain games are all about owning unique assets, which is why digital collectible games are everywhere in the space. Some can be just shallow re-skins of Cryptokitty, while others can offer more gameplay options, such as PvP arena battles. What we don’t see enough of, however, is a deeper dive into the unique properties of each digital asset.

CryptoAtoms is a digital collectible game that allows you to get into the nitty gritty of each asset you own, and encourages merging of assets to discover new ones. It may not be as visually appealing as other collectibles out there, since it lacks any lavish art or shiny add-ons for your assets, but its depth outshines all of that.

In CryptoAtoms your assets are atoms, which are nothing special visually, but their attributes are exactly that. Each atom has eight unique attributes to them: Generation, Level, Cooldown, Merges, Element, Pureness, Spin & Polarity, and Vibrations. These attributes determine the rarity of the atom you have and what possible new atom you will get after merging two.

The first four attributes are the most important to determining the complexity of your atom. There are four generations and a higher generation has a higher complexity. As for Level, this also only goes up to four but is determined by how many times your atom has been merged. Once you’ve unlocked level 4 for your atom, it has reached the final form. And lastly, Cooldown denotes how often you can merge with another atom.

The last four attributes determine the rarity of your atom. Atoms are differentiated by their element and most of them are a hybrid of two elements, which are water, earth, air, fire, aether, electro, light, and dark. Although most are hybrids, there are atoms that only have one element, and this denotes an atom’s pureness. Atoms with only one element are extremely rare, and thus go for a high price on the market. As for spin & polarity, these denote the distribution and influence of an atom, which will help you determine the outcome from merging. Lastly, vibrations represent what elements on the periodic table resonate most with the atom. If an atom has higher generation, then there are more vibrations.

CryptoAtoms offers a lot of attributes to experiment with when collecting and creating new elements. It outdoes the competition in this department, but its complexity can be a double-edged sword. For all its depth, the game has drowned itself in all these attributes and forgot that players need a way to understand it all. There is an FAQ that gives a quick overview of what these attributes all mean, but it ends it with ambiguity as an excuse for the player to learn things for themselves. Experimentation and letting players discover things is fine and all, but when all your assets need to be purchased, it would be a lot better if there was a more concrete guide on how things work.

Atoms are relatively affordable with some being sold for in the 0.001 ETH range, but one thing that sticks out are the outrageously priced ones. There are atoms on sale for 300 – 500 ETH and they aren’t even that rare or have a low generation. When purchasing from the market make sure to practice due diligence and avoid these atoms. Hopefully, CryptoAtoms implements an update that monitors pricing and enforces stricter rules. Perhaps a system to help appraise atoms so that novice players won’t get scammed.

Overall, CryptoAtoms is a collectible game that offers a deep merging system due to the number attributes an atom has and can get. The game’s depth more than makes up for its lack in visual appeal, even if its complexity may find new players lost and confused.

It may need a few tweaking here and there, but for those looking for a deeper dive into combining and creating new assets, then CryptoAtoms is the dApp for you.



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