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Coin pushers are staples in many arcades, shopping malls, and even carnivals. It’s simple fun, with an extremely low entry cost. All it takes is one coin and your one coin becomes thousands, if you place it right, of course. Well, it seems coin pushers have entered the world of blockchain, with CryptoDozer. But, does the simple and low entry cost translate over to the dApp space?

CryptoDozer is as simple as the arcade/gambling game it’s based on. You just simply drop a coin and await for it to push the rest of the stack and hope coins fall your way. Unlike the traditional game, however, you can actually play this game for free, no coins of your own needed. The game starts you off with thirty coins and as an added bonus, you get a coin for free every thirty seconds. And again, unlike traditional coin pushers, there’s a lot more to win than just a bunch of coins. As coins start falling off the table towards you, other prizes will drop on the table for you to push over. These prizes are you collectibles for you to win, so it’s not just a coin pusher, but also a digital collectible game.

The collectibles consist of various dolls ranging from regular dolls to fancier ones. The great thing about them is that you can exchange them for ETH and depending on the kind of doll you can get more ETH for it. One catch, however, is that you have to reach a certain level before being able to exchange them, so you will have to play a while before doing so. Alongside these dolls, there are chests that will drop onto the table. These chests contains various dolls and other prizes as well such as PLA tokens – in-game tokens used to purchase items in the game – and more coins to drop onto the table. Sadly, opening these chests isn’t so easy, or rather isn’t so cheap.

In order to open a chest, you’ll need a key, which costs 6.45 USD. Here’s where you’ll slowly start to notice that, despite CryptoDozer’s enticing free barrier to entry, everything else comes with a price that does add up to a hefty sum. Yes you can earn and win ETH in the game, but not after you spend your fair share of money first. For first time players who are willing to spend, it’ll be a while before you see a return on your investment. What is true, despite this, is that even if you don’t spend your ETH or real-world money, CryptoDozer is still a fun simple game to play just to pass the time.

It adds a lot more gameplay wise, besides the simple coin dropping and waiting for coins and prizes to fall. There are fever bonuses that happen when you get a combo from coins falling towards you, EXP coins to help you level up faster, and even an ability to add temporary walls to prevent coins falling off from the sides. It’s these little elements that give it a more gamey feel and keep you hooked to keep on playing, albeit with a creeping price tag after a while.

Overall, CryptoDozer is still at its core, just like traditional coin pushers, a gambling game. And just like any gambling game, the risks are up to you and the price walls will eventually add up to a hefty sum. Yes, you can win and earn ETH, but not before you do your fair share of spending first. If you are just in it for the kicks of dropping some coins and seeing the stack fall off the table, then CryptoDozer is still a great time and the dApp for you. Otherwise, be sure to know your limits and what you’re getting yourself into before ending up wondering where all your ETH and real-world money went.



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