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If collecting digital Kitties isn’t your thing, maybe there’s something more flora-friendly that you could try. CryptoFlowers uses the same concept that many other digital-pet collectible blockchain games use, but borrowing mainly from the popular CryptoKitties. However, drawing inspiration is one thing, but does it differentiate itself enough?

In CryptoFlowers the name of the game is collecting and breeding unique flowers. It borrows concepts from other pet-collectible games, but its main differentiator is that you’re collecting flowers. You can buy flowers, breed within your collection, or breed with other people’s flowers. It’s the same concept we’ve seen before, so for those who are familiar with the genre, you’ll be right at home.

The dApp offers a few more details in regards to the flower’s generation, such as its descendants along with its parents and the gene grade. Otherwise, CryptoFlowers is just more of the same. Breeding works just as any other pet-collectible dApp where attributes from parents will carry over to the child, with the chance of creating a new attribute, and siring is the same concept as well.

There are an abundant number of flowers to collect and many more to create, so the fun comes from experimenting and seeing what kind of flower you can breed. There are many permutations you can create, while also creating all new traits that have never been seen before. The rarer the trait the higher gene grade of flower you’ll get, and thus, if you’re going to sell it, the more ETH you can get.

Luckily, the game isn’t asking much for people who just want to dip their toe in the water. Flowers can go for dirt cheap, with the cheapest flower being 0.001 Eth as of writing. You will need two flowers to get things going, but with such a low threshold, it’s an easy start. Prices, can go a lot higher with the rare flowers, such as 150 ETH. If you think it’s too expensive to purchase the rare flowers, you can instead choose to breed with them. It’s a more price-friendly route, where a rare flower that is up for siring can go for 0.3 ETH. It’s a lot better than forking over 150 ETH, while still retaining the chance of getting a rare attribute for your own flower.

As for the designs of the flowers, they’re not as bombastic or lively compared to pet-collectibles that base their designs on animals, but they’re still just as varied and meticulously designed. Their designs are based a lot more from exotic flowers such as the Rafflesia parasitic flower or a Red Dahlia, while adding more fantasy elements. There are even seasonal plant designs, such as a Christmas pine tree.

Overall, CryptoFlowers is a great dApp for those who are into collecting different types of flowers and breeding all new ones, but doesn’t do much, or anything at all, mechanically to differentiate itself from the crowd. It offers a few more tidbits in regards to the gene and family of the flower compared to other pet-collectible dApps, but it isn’t quite enough to bring some fresh-air to the genre. It’s just like any other digital-collectible dApp just with a different coat of paint.



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