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Cats have taken the internet by storm ever since viral videos came to fruition. Now, they’ve come to blockchain gaming and they’re having the same, if not more, affectionate effect on people.

CryptoKitties is the game for people who always wanted to be the cat lady of their group, but were too ashamed to admit it. It’s for those who always wished to have and grow a collection of their own furry felines, without the consequence of any allergies or cleaning up after them. CryptoKitties lets you show your love of cats, without any of the consequences, and you can even breed them void of any questionable ethics.

Despite breeding being frowned upon in the real world, it’s the name of the game in CryptoKitties. You’ll be spending most of your time breeding all sorts of different cats and hopefully get to that rare sought-after kitty that everyone wants and is eyeing for in the marketplace. The great thing about breeding is that there’s more than one way to go about it, kind of like the phrase: “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” You can either buy two kitties, especially for those with enough funds, or you can try the more cost-effective route where you breed with other people’s kitties that are up for siring.

Siring is when an owner can put their cat up as an option to breed with, which starts from a fee of nothing. So if you’re looking to save a few ETH, then siring is your best bet. Of course you can do this as well to earn a little on the side, but while it’s up for siring, you can’t use it to breed with your other kitties for a while.

It’s all about experimentation and waiting to see what kind of kitty comes out of the equation you set up. If it all seems a bit much at first, CryptoKitties has a handy little guide that you can check out in one of the dropdown menus. There you’ll find out what kind of kitty you can potentially get, what attributes carry over, and what gene of cat will come from kitties of two different genes. There are so many variables and attributes that come with just one cat that it’s fun to see what can happen from combining them all.

Overall, CryptoKitties is a cute little game for your inner cat lover and even the casual biologist. If you remember studying up on genetics in your biology class back in high school, then CryptoKitties is surprisingly a cute way to brush up on it.

There are so many kitties to see and create, which all comes with their own unique art. CryptoKitties is a place you’ll keep on coming back to once you really sink your teeth into it. It’s cute, it’s surprisingly deep, it’s CryptoKitties.



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