Source: Super Rare | Twitter
Source: Super Rare | Twitter

Digital artists can benefit and earn from their digital art through blockchain by tokenizing their masterpieces and selling them on SuperRare. SuperRare is a marketplace where artists can link their art to a non-fungible token (NFT) permanently and sell them for a fixed price or through an auction. Buyers can then hold the artwork they purchase or sell them at a later time.

Source: SuperRare

NFTs are a special type of Ethereum token that can be considered as digital collectibles because they are unique and non-interchangeable. Tokenizing an artwork ensures that the original work can easily be authenticated and SuperRare’s smart contract system ensures that the original artists will still receive a royalty from the secondary sale.

The SuperRare platform has already seen amazing growth and support in the two years since it was launched, but the team has an even grander vision for the marketplace’s future. “[It] includes moving towards more community ownership & participation, enhancing methods of curation and discovery, the personalization of the SuperRare experience, and our plans to grow outside of the crypto art niche and into mainstream adoption of digital collecting,” the SuperRare team said in a blog post.


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