Source: Known Origin | Medium

Known Origin has announced that its art gallery in CryptoVoxels will open on 21 April. The virtual gallery will run for one month from 21 April to 21 May and will feature 23 artists across two floors of gallery space. A private viewing of “Bulls and Bears” by Trevor Jones will also be held and interested parties may register their interest to participate in the closed event.

Source: Known Origin | Medium

“We are focused on bringing new artists in to the NFT space as well as giving established crypto artists a trusted gallery to showcase their artwork. Our CryptoVoxels gallery will act as a place to launch digital collections, showcase artworks and host various events. We will endeavour to use our gallery to bring more people in to the crypto arts space and to highlight the amazing work that is being done across the metaVerse,” Known Origin CEO and co-founder David Moore said in the announcement post.

Known Origin is a digital marketplace where artists can tokenize their artworks and sell them to collectors as rare digital assets. Digital art collectors and traders use Ethereum (ETH) to close transactions in the platform. To learn more about the digital arts marketplace, visit the Known Origin website or access it through the Osiris Browser dAppstore.


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