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What if there was a Trading Card Game where you could create the cards? Well, Marble.Cards gives you the opportunity to do so and with anything that has a URL associated with it. Is a TCG that just solely focuses on trading and creating cards enough, however?

Marble.Cards’ whole pitch is that you can create any card from anywhere on the internet, however once a link is used, it can never be used again. From the get-go, its pitch of anywhere on the internet is quite limited, actually. When you initiate to create a card, the platform indicates that you can only Marble cards from an approved list of sites. It’s quite a sizable list, but it does lack a lot of the big platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s especially disappointing, since Marble.Cards states it enables people to create digital memories yet lacks the permission from sites that contain the most memories. Instead, marbling is actually just relegated to memes and internet pop culture.

The design of the cards themselves is only unique through the picture or GIF that you choose to marble, with everything else more or less using the same marble design for the card’s background. You can get more designs, albeit still employing a marble design and only differing in color, by creating more and more cards. The more cards you create, the more EXP you gain for your account, and then the more designs you can use for your Marbled card.

Once a card is created it goes up for auction for a limited time and if it’s bought by someone, then you get 30% of the profits. If no one purchases the card within the time limit, however, then the card is yours to own.

When it comes to pricing and the market, Marble.Cards has a wide range of prices, with prices ranging from quite affordable to the absurd. The most expensive card on auction, as of writing, is 104, 514, 496 ETH, and the cheapest being 0.01 ETH. The pricing is determined mainly by the design of the card and the number of cards the creator has marbled. As for the game’s viability, currently it’s not doing so hot with only having 17 active users in the past 24 hours and 44 in the past 7 days, as of writing.

Overall, Marble.Cards has a novel concept, but one that could have given a bit more in its execution. It’s cool to think that you can create a card from anywhere on the internet and potentially auction it off for more ETH, however in practice it just misses the mark slightly. Its list of approved URLs is quite sizable, but lacks any of the bigger hitters, especially for users who would want to create a more personal collection. It’s certainly unique, but is something that may just be a blip on your radar and fizzle out before you could really get into it.



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