Source: My Crypto Heroes

My Crypto Heroes (MCH) has announced that it is hosting a Final Battle event in January 2021. The event will host battles on four regulations that involve different classes and players get to participate if they have won in specific regulations in previous tournaments, Red Dragon and Colosseum, or have already reached certain rank requirements. The developers will rank players who meet the requirements and send them an invitation to the Final Battle according to the regulation they qualify for.

“We will decide how to put all players in the tournament from 1) How many times you won the tournament 2)How many times you won the higher rank. Also, if you have got the right, you can join two or more Final Battle,” MCH producer Kengo Masuyama explained in a post. He also said that each regulation in the Final Battle may be a 9-on-9 battle with JIN.

Source: My Crypto Heroes

Masuyama said that the next announcement will discuss rewards for event. MCH is an HTML5 casual worker-placement RPG for smartphones and PC that features blockchain technology. Players can go on quests or have a PvP battles, but like most dApps, players will need to buy an NFT token to get started. Learn more about MCH on dApp and dAppstore.


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