Source: League of Legends

League of Legends lead producer Jessica Nam (a.k.a. Safelocked) posted a Youtube video of Riot’s 2020 plans for the game. Safelocked shared details about the game’s ranked and clash, champions, events and game modes, new skins and teamfight tactics. According to Safelocked, the team is working on improvements for Clash, specifically in terms of optimizing matchmaking, streamlining queue times, fixing edge-case bugs and making further improvements based on feedback from players. She also revealed that the Volibear update will arrive next month and, after that, new champions.

Source: League of Legends

“Due to the current state of the world, we’re starting to learn day by day what the full impact on our teams globally looks like. Our existing content plans may honestly change. That being said, we’re feeling pretty good to share these updates today and we’ll keep talking to you, so you know what’s up,” Safelocked said.

Safelocked also announced that Riot will be releasing a mid-set expansion for TFT: Galaxies in the summer. The expansion set will include new galaxies, champions, and Little Legends – more information will be revealed by the TFT team next month. For updates on LoL, players can also look to League of Legends Game Director Andrei van Roon who promised to share updates on his Twitter account in another post discussing the updates.


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