Last February 11, The eagerly anticipated blockchain game The Sandbox launched a second presale event offering up 5% (6,192 LANDS) of its total LAND parcels. The parcels go for a 30% discount to those who pre-registered.

For those who missed out on the presale, there isn’t any word yet on when the next one will happen. TSB COO Sean Borget, however, has tweeted that they will be announcing another one soon.

Despite completely selling through all of its LANDS, The Sandbox still has assets up for presale, which are objects you can use to design your unique parcels. The Asset presale still has 8 days left, as of writing, so you still have plenty of time left to snatch up some extra stuff.

The Sandbox is a user-based creation game, similar to Decentraland, if you’re familiar with that. Users can create and design their own experiences within parcels of LAND and share them with others. Currently the game is in pre-alpha and scheduled for a full release later this year.


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