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COBA Continues its Sale Indefinitely due to COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to loom over our lives, and unfortunately doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, the COBA team have...

How COBA’s Story Removes Worldbuilding Limitations

In videogames, or any form of entertainment, there is always a set and finite boundary when it comes to their worlds. In...

A Preview into the Moveset of COBA’s Daitogama Shogun

Daitogama Shogun is one of COBA’s most interesting heroes among the currently available roster. He sports a design embodying an entity of pure death,...

A Deep Dive into COBA’s Character Classes

One of the staple gameplay designs and features of a MOBA is its classes. Classes are distinctions among the hero roster of...

A New Warrior Joins the Battle for COBA

The dev team of COBA are hard at work constantly giving us the juicy updates and details we’re all awaiting about the game. In...

Why Releasing COBA during the Pandemic is a Good Idea

COVID-19 is proving to be a formidable foe. The pandemic it has brought about has caused many future projects and plans to...

A closer look at COBA’s Daitogama Shogun

The team behind COBA is still working hard to release their exciting dApp within the year, despite the ongoing pandemic.  As...

COBA: A Solution for Gamers during and after the Pandemic

The COVID-19 global health emergency has turned the world upside down, and has shaken all of us for what we have emotionally,...

New exciting mode coming to COBA soon!

COBA is the game that keeps on giving, and it isn’t even out yet. Although the game currently has an alpha demo...

Finally, a MOBA that pays gamers who win!

If you’re a fan or hardcore player of MOBA games, then you know that all the games that are currently available in the...
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