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Buying land, developing, and then earning from it is a fantasy of many, even if the economy today is stacked against us. It’s perhaps why City-Building sims are so popular, but it is also satisfying to micro-manage a little community in the hopes of expanding and seeing it grow from your effort and decisions. Other sims only offer the experience and satisfaction of managing suburban areas or cities, but what if we could actually be earning on top of that?

MegaCryptoPolis is your fantasy fully realized. Manage plots of land and develop them to hustling and bustling heights. Through your efforts, you can actually earn. As with any dApp that revolves around crypto, however, you have to spend a lot before you can earn.

Before anything, you’ll have to purchase your own Land Token, which is a square tile of land, with price ranges depending on location. If the district you’re looking to buy has quite a few office buildings or production factories, then you’ll have to prepare a hefty amount of ETH. If you’re looking for something cheap, then you best scout for barren districts, but even those can go for prices above 1 ETH.

Even though you’re just purchasing squares of land, there is an added element of strategy. When you purchase one Land Token, other tokens within a 7×7 radius go up in price. Then if someone else purchases a Land Token within that radius, part of the price goes to you. On top of that, since purchasing a plot of land increases the price of others around it, if you buy two squares within the 7×7 radius, you’ll get a discount on the other Land Token.

Another aspect to consider when purchasing, which will also affect the price of the Land Token, is the amount of Influence points it has. You can start from scratch and earn Influence Points on your own, but it does put you at quite the advantage to have a set amount when purchasing a Land Token. These points can be used to create more resources for your land, or even traded for ETH.

When it comes to the main core of the game, micro-management, MegaCryptoPoils functions just as any other City-Building Sim. You’ll start off by appointing citizens to certain buildings in your area and each citizen has different attributes. These attributes help determine the resource output and what kind of resource they can generate. Each citizen also has a job, which acts like a class system in an RPG. You have your business executives, school teachers, and the most sought out job: the Astronaut. There are total of six Astronauts in the game, but they’ve all been found. The only way to get one now would be to trade online.

Once you get the ball rolling and have enough resources and get more citizens, you can then start upgrading buildings on your Land Tokens. The more development done, the higher the Land Tokens’ value around yours  becomes, thus earning your more ETH. One snag, however, is that every action costs taxes, which is paid through ETH and that’s on top of the actual development cost. With all these costs you better be prepared to spend a lot more than you’ll be earning at first.

Overall, MegaCryptoPolis is a great City-Building game, especially within the blockchain space. Instead of just feeling like a living, breathing city, it is actually is one with real players and markets. A huge hurdle to this great experience is its price offerings, however, with certain prices reaching absurd amounts, and on top of that all the costs associated with every action in the game. Yes, you can earn as you develop, but it’ll take a while before you break-even, so certain risks will have to be made.

If you’re looking for a casual micro-management and city-building game, then MegaCryptoPolis isn’t the best option for you. But if you feel you have the chops, the cash, and the drive to make a hustling and bustling city, then MegaCryptoPolis is your fantasy realized. It’s an ever growing platform and one that’ll keep you busy for a long time. So go out there and make your city dreams come true.



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