As COVID-19 continues to loom over our lives, and unfortunately doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, the COBA team have decided to keep all their NFTs on sale indefinitely.

The decision comes from a place to help and give back to fans and gamers alike. Everyone is going through hard times, especially financially, with people not being able to work due to the situation. As such, Daitogama Shogun and Inoseth will remain on sale, with a price of 0.01 ETH and 0.02 ETH.

The great thing about COBA remaining on sale is that this is the only game where you can earn while playing. So in reality, the team at COBA are not only giving away their NFTs for cheap, but also adding more to your profits when you actually start earning from the game.

COBA utilizes Spyce, as its cryptocurrency, which can be acquired right now through So given the sale, you’ll have a lot left over from you Spyce after purchasing. More Spyce,, more NFTs, and more ways to earn. Everybody wins.

Games going on sale is becoming more and more of trend recently, with PSN, Xbox, and Steam continuously coming out with new kinds of sales every other week. The difference there is, you’re only spending your money and don’t have a way of getting some back or earning more on top. COBA is the difference and beacon of hope, since it offers both a game to distract you and a means to earn a little on the side to get by during this pandemic.

COVID-19 is looking to be a difficult enemy to defeat, but with COBA you’re going to have another weapon in your arsenal to survive this long battle.

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