In celebration of the 60 th year since the “100 best-designed products of the modern era” (1959) came out, Fortune Magazine partnered with Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) to recreate the survey and update the list.

This era’s 100 top architects, designers, and design teachers ranked Bitcoin as the 90 the among the 100 greatest designs in history.

“Bitcoin wasn’t invented, it was designed so that a wide range of stakeholders […] all had incentives that reinforced adoption of a new digital currency, without any central issuer or governing authority.” IDEO founder David Kelley said.

Mr. Kelley also acknowledged Bitcoin’s increase in value in the 10 years since it was released and noted that there may not have been any other product in history that “bootstrapped quite so effectively.”

Bitcoin outranked the Porsche 911, which placed 92 in the new list.


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