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Fantasy Baseball meets Crypto collectibles, that’s MLB Champions premise and draw. If you’ve ever wanted to engage in a fantasy baseball game, but want to get more out of it and not spend as much cash, then Lucid Sight Inc. has made the perfect dApp for you.

In MLB Champions you can collect various figurines based on real-life MLB players. It’s all about collecting, but the real fun is what you can do with them. The game acts as a companion app for live MLB games. Yes, that’s right, playing the game means actually watching and seeing how live MLB games and matches play out. The results of the match determines what kind of rewards and prizes you’ll get in MLB Champions.

To start off, you’ll need at least one player figurine. You only need one to play, but if you want to get more out of the game and have more chances of winning, then it is best to purchase various player figurines.

There are two ways to purchase a figurine, either by drafting a pack or via other players in the market place. If you choose to draft, you’ll need the in-game currency called Diamonds, which are quite affordable with a bundle of 500 Diamonds costing 0.027 ETH. One Draft Pack costs 500 Diamonds, along with it comes 1 MLB Figurine unveiled randomly and bonus caps. These Caps are used to purchase Team Reward Packs, which contain Players from specific teams and have rare attributes.

When purchasing from other players in the market place, you know exactly what you’re getting, so you can look for exactly what you want and even get some good deals. Along with cheaper prices, however, does come certain rare figurines going for high prices, so it’s up to you whether the cost is worth the reward.

Once you’re set with the amount of figurines you want, it’s time to create a Card. First, choose the team that your figurine plays for and then click Create Gamecard. Here you’ll see the standard Baseball field positions. Choose which position you want to place your player and then pick an event that you think might happen during the game, such as a Home Run or a Triple Play.  If the event you picked actually happened within the game, then you’ll get bonuses and rewards that will accumulate to help you purchase Team Reward Packs. Don’t fret, however, if none of the events you picked happened during the game, there are base points that you’ll accumulate for just creating a Gamecard and waiting for the live match to play out. And that’s all there is to it.

As mentioned before, MLB Champions is more of a companion app that lets you get more out of a Baseball game and is more of an avenue to experience Fantasy League Baseball without spending as much.

In terms of functionality, MLB Champions can be a hit or miss. The game isn’t broken per se, but there are times where certain functions won’t load properly or at all, so expect to be hitting refresh quite a few times when using the platform. Otherwise, it’s quite simple and is user-friendly for anyone, no matter the level of familiarity you have using digital apps.

Overall, MLB Champions is a great companion app to have along with your favorite American past time. It takes out the sting of spending huge amounts of cash that is a staple with Fantasy Baseball, plus it scratches that itch of collecting that is common in say Baseball Playing Cards. It’s user-friendly and relatively simple that anyone can just start collecting and playing to test how well you know the sport of Baseball.



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