According to an article from IGN, GameStop is continuing operations and citing itself as an “essential” business.

Many businesses and local shops have been closed down to avoid spreading of COVID-19, with only essential businesses to remain open, such as supermarkets or pharmacies. It seems, however, GameStop sees itself as one of these essential businesses and is forcing employees to operate, despite vague guidelines and without proper health and safety.

A representative from GameStop clarified to IGN as to why their business is deemed “essential” and needs to operate during the pandemic. They listed “essential” items, such as keyboards, mice, webcams, and other peripherals, stating that these items are important for employees having to work from home.

The IGN article also cites many anonymous sources, who wish to avoid possible repercussions, sharing their stories dealing with corporate directives during the outbreak.

One employee tells that the gaming retail store is advising to still advertise and promote events that will draw crowds.

“GameStop corporate is putting its employees at risk of COVID-19. They aren’t closing stores and they aren’t offering paid time off. They are still pushing their employees to advertise events at their stores that will draw crowds of people.”


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