Ubisoft just announced a free-for-all gameplay of Ghost Recon Breakpoint on all platforms this weekend!

The full game, including the Ghost Experience patch, will be made available for free on Windows PC, Playstation®4 and XBOX One.

Players can access the game in selected stores depending on the console they will use. Windows PC players can access Ghost Recon Breakpoint from the Epic Store or Uplay.

PlayStation®4 players should access the product page in the PlayStation™ Store but a PlayStation® Plus membership is required.

Xbox One users can access the game through its product page on the Xbox Store but they will need an Xbox Live Gold membership to play online.

The free-to-play weekend begins on 26 March and will run up to 30 March.

If you want to keep playing and buy the game after the free-to-play weekend, Ubisoft is offering up to 95% discount for a limited time.


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