The COVID-19 global health emergency has turned the world upside down, and has shaken all of us for what we have emotionally, physically, and financially. People are looking for alternatives to get through these hard times, with many turning to simple escapism as a means of coping.

Movies, books, and video games are the common avenues most people turn to when the going gets tough. It’s a means to escape for a bit, while everything around you seems to be crumbling away. However, what if we could get more out of our escape? What if the thing we’re using to escape could be our salvation at the same time?

COBA is actually that reprieve, while also being the salvation most need by providing gamers a way to earn by simply just doing what they do best: playing.

COBA utilizes Spyce, a cryptocurrency that can be acquired right now through Crypto is going to be the standard given this current climate, with all economies continuously plummeting. Other cryptocurrencies are currently selling at a high price, which makes it hard for most to invest in. Spyce, however, is still relatively affordable and now is the best time to invest. 

COBA will help you increase your investment in Spyce exponentially with two of its game modes. The first mode is your standard 5v5 match, which will give you more Spyce depending on your wins. The second mode is a single-player tower defense mode, and the amount of Spyce you earn is down to how long you can last the onslaught of enemies. The tower defense mode adds a flair of tension as you can either choose to walk away and keep what you’ve earned – or carry on to the next wave and risk losing it all.

Most games simply exchange an experience for your money, but COBA offers both a gaming experience and a means to survive this current economic situation. The COBA team promises to deliver the best possible product to entertain you during these difficult times, while also alleviating the situation by giving you an opportunity to earn.

COVID-19 is looking to be a difficult enemy to defeat, but with COBA you’re going to have another weapon in your arsenal to survive this long battle.

For more details, check out their official website and their Reddit account.
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