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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions of lives and cause massive layoffs, but even in these uncertain times, technology offers hope of earning money if you know where to look. Decentralized applications (dApps) are blockchain based applications that allow users to earn money simply by using them – and many of them have similar functions as apps you’re already used to, such as games or social networking. If your interest has been piqued, below are some dApps you may want to start using and earning from right away.

To make it easier, the dApps listed below can be found in the Osiris dAppstore and you can start playing right away without searching for a separate cryptowallet. The Osiris Browser has an integrated Spyce multi-wallet that can hold Spyce and other secure ERC-20 tokens.

Gods Unchained
Blockchain based Play-to-Earn (P2E) game Gods Unchained is a competitive card game like Magic: The Gathering. Gods Unchained requires players to start out by building their deck by buying cards or decks or using the free cards they earn from the game. Each card is an NFT token, which means that they are unique and the player is the sole owner of that card, and players can use the collected cards and rare items to win large pots in the weekly tournaments. They may also profit from selling their cards in the market.

Source: Gods Unchained

Decentraland is a virtual world where players can meet up and buy parcels of land in themed plots – like The Sims but with the advantage of earning cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for real money. Players can earn money by joining tournaments held by players and other dApps host competitions and events within the metaverse.

Source: Decentraland | Facebook

Crypto Online Battle Arena (COBA) is a 5v5 MOBA similar to League of Legends, but with the advantage of earning money for every win players achieve. That’s right, players don’t even need to be professional esports competitors to get money from the game – all they need is to have some Spyce in their crypto wallets and win. What’s more, Spyce is incredibly cheap right now – it closed at $0.00927637 on 23 April and opened at $0.00867203 on 24 April.

Source: COBA

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Known Origin
If playing games isn’t your cup of tea, you can always create and showcase art then sell them on Known Origin. You can profit off your masterpieces by turning them into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and sell them to collectors or holding auctions for them if the demand is high. To know more, here’s an in-depth review of Known Origin.


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