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Build your empire, take over other land, and become Caesar. These are the goals of Caesar’s Triumph and so much more. It’s a Real-Time Strategy game, where you can purchase land and produce resources to either sell or further grow your land. Here you fight among other people to become the greatest ruler the Roman Empire has ever seen, all through the power of blockchain technology, but will it bring you glory or bring about your demise?

In Caesar’s Triumph you start off by purchasing Land Cards from either other players or one that is randomly generated by the game. Both have their own perks, with one’s from Players’ being cheaper or having leveled-up resources and one’s that are randomly generated offering Barrack Tokens to help upgrade your troops.

Once you have your own land, you can start farming the resources associated with your Land. Depending on the resources you can either perform upgrades that will help in Conquest Battles among other players, or you can sell/trade them on the market for ETH. It’s all about managing what resources you have and how you can use them to your advantage, which gives Caesar’s Triumph a thriving and active economy.

Land is categorized into three different types: Village, Town, and City. Village is the base form of all Land Cards. In order to get a Town or City, you’ll have to acquire multiple Villages, which can then be combined to make a Town and then later a City. The number of resources that can be produced increases with each form, where Cities being able to produce the most resources. Along with resources, Land Cards have an associated number of points that are relevant in player Battles.

The goal of Player Battles is to acquire the most points by taking over other people’s land in a given region. If a player has the most overall points within a 24-hour period, they obtain the status of Caesar, while players having the most points in a given region can become a Senator. One cannot be both , however. Each status is given bonus XP that can be used to upgrade troops of a given land and also further upgrade defenses.

All this culminates in a multi-layered experience that fits players who like to create bustling economies within the Roman Empire, or those who are more military and combat focused that would rather conquer other people’s land and become Caesar.

As for actual pricing structure, Caesar’s Triumph is fairly affordable, where items can be purchased for as low as 0.04 ETH. These items are from other players, however. Items that are generated by the game itself they can be slightly pricey, where a generated Land Card costs 0.12 ETH. The better option of course is to stick to assets being sold by players, where you can purchase a Village Land Card and a special troop all for 0.08 ETH. There are the more expensive assets being sold, but these are Land Cards that have a lot of resources and upgraded defenses.

Overall, Caesar’s Triumph is a meticulous RTS on the blockchain that offers a lot for players to sink their teeth in. You can engage in the game’s economy and earn ETH for yourself, or try to be the strongest emperor within Rome by taking over other people’s Land and thus taking their resources. There is a lot more assets and gameplay mechanics that are slated to come to the game, so expect it to grow and evolve into an even more meticulous RTS.



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