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Blockchain in gaming is a unique concept, but its fullest potential hasn’t been realized yet. With the technology, every object is unique and each addition to an object is trackable, which adds to its rarity. Yet, despite its broad potential on paper, all we see are digital collectible games that are stuck to their own ecosystems.

What if we could bring objects from other dApps and use them in one game? Well CryptoMIBS is doing just that. It’s a small platform, with simplistic arcade games, but what it’s doing is what other dApps should strive for.

CryptoMIBS is mainly an arcade game platform that heavily revolves around using marbles. The three main kind of games you can play on the platform are a snake-like game called Snakes & Marbles, an obstacle-runner called MibJet, and a pachinko game called SkyDrop. All three are quick and easy games to pick up and play, but all can be played using a marble that you craft with assets you own from other games.

Do you have a collection of kitties in CryptoKitties? Well, you can create a marble and decorate it using one of your kitties. The same goes for any other dApps that have you collecting digital assets, such as Blockchain CutiesCryptoFlowersCryptoink etc. It’s quick and easy too. There isn’t an importing process, since all your assets are automatically detected via your ETH wallet.

In order to decorate a marble, however, you’ll have to own one, which is done by either purchasing on the MIB Store, or through trading. The base marbles go for fairly cheap too, with some going for as low as 0.0049 ETH, while 0.5 ETH being the expensive ones.

The great thing about CryptoMIBS is that even if you don’t have any assets from other dApps, you can purchase them through their store using the in-game currency called Tickets. Tickets are affordable too, with 25 Tickets going for 0.00055 ETH and 2,500 going for 0.042 ETH. Another great option, however, is that like in any arcade you can win Tickets by playing the games. The best way to earn Tickets is either through SkyDrop or competing in Tournaments for the big wins, which depends on your skills, of course.

As for the games, they’re simple arcade games and nothing more. They provide that quick gameplay hook that most arcade games have, with you always wanting to beat your high score or reach the next level. You can’t just replay levels and games infinitely, however. Similar to arcades where there’s a limit to the times you can play depending on the money you have, CryptoMIBS employs a heart system. Each time you play and eventually lose, it will cost you a heart. Depending on the game, it will take a certain amount of time before one heart will regenerate, with MibJet having the longest regeneration time of 24 hours. This can of course be bypassed by spending Tickets; 125 Tickets for one heart.

Overall, CryptoMIBS is a great platform that is utilizing the blockchain in the right direction. It brings together other dApps and creates this cohesive ecosystem that provides purpose for your digital collectibles. It’s easy to get into and start playing, while also being on the affordable side. If you have a growing collection of digital assets and want to do more with them, then CryptoMIBS is the place to go.



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