CS:GO | Source: Valve/Steam

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive recently received some much appreciated major updates from Valve following the release of its potential competition, Valorant. According to the CS:GO and DOTA2 developer who announced the updates on the CS:GO blog, updates include improvements to weapons, maps, UI, music, and gameplay. All these were released just over a week after Valorant’s closed Beta launch.

Source: Valve

Along with game and gameplay improvements, Valve also released an experimental mode. “Get a few reps in before the match begins with an experimental 1v1 warmup mode! The experimental warmup is currently limited to Wingman matches on Train and Vertigo, and may be added to other maps and Competitive Matchmaking in the future,” Valve wrote.

Furthermore, the update now allows players to see other players’ crosshairs. Players will be able to see the crosshairs of their teammates and party members by default but they may also copy another player’s crosshair simply by clicking their name on the scoreboard. There are also rumors that Valve plans to move CS:GO to the Source 2 game engine earlier, but Valve has yet to confirm on when the move will happen.


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