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If you haven’t heard of the blockchain based game Gods Unchained, you may be missing a lot, especially if you’re into competitive card games like Magic: The Gathering. Gods Unchained was built by ex-Google and Riot engineers, which explains why it’s such a promising game that’s backed by successful Beta and is expected to continue gaining popularity in 2020. Players can find the game on the dAppstore and start playing the game for free using Osiris Browser.

Source: Gods Unchained

Like most trading card games, Gods Unchained requires players to start out by building their deck by buying cards or decks or using the free cards they earn from the game. The gameplay is just like typical trading card games:  players start out with your god of choice and they will battle another player’s god by using spell and creature cards to attack the opponent. The god who survives the round wins the game.

The difference from other games is that each card is an NFT token, which means that they are unique and the player is the sole owner of that card. Players can collect cards and rare items, build the perfect deck, and battle to win large pots in the weekly tournaments. They may also profit from their cards because they can sell it anytime in the market.


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