LOL Promo Art (Source: Riot Games)

It has only ben a few days since League of Legends (LoL) Patch 10.7 went live but gamers can already look forward to what Riot Games has in store for everyone for Patch 10.8. According to sources, Patch 10.8 is bringing back The Eclipse universe, as well as new coven skins for Morgana, LeBlanc and Zyra. Apart from the new skins, Coven Morgana is reportedly getting a brand new voiceover.

Coven Morgana (Source: Riot Games)

You can also look forward to the Prestige edition for Coven Zyra in Patch 10.8, but players will have to grind in order to get it. According to sources, Covern Zyra Prestige Edition will cost players 100 tokens, but you can grind for it across the season. If you need more reason to get excited, Riot Games shared a PBE preview of Coven Morgana, LeBlanc and Zyra, and Coven Zyra Prestige edition on Twitter.

Patch 10.8 brings a handful of balance changes that will see a boost in healing effects for some jungle items like Hunter’s Talisman and Stalker’s Blade. Riot is expected to continue the fortnightly updates for LoL to adjust items and balances, as well as introduce new VO, among other things. Riot Games said that patch dates can change at any time but, as of writing, Patch 10.8 is still as scheduled.


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