Polygonal Mind is hosting its 2nd Crypto Art Meetup at the Aetherian Block Museum in Decentraland on 5 May. According to the creative development studio, the upcoming meet up will focus on learning the history of Ethereum. If you don’t have a Decentraland account yet, you can sign up for free at play.decentraland.org  where you can explore for free but you won’t get any rewards if you don’t have a digital wallet. If you’re considering playing to earn Mana, you can either connect your digital wallet to the dApp or consider playing using the Osiris browser which has an integrated Spyce multiwallet that can secure ERC-20 tokens for a hassle free experience.

“The Aetherian Block Museum is a cyberpunk museum we are building for the virtual world Decentraland. Athererian Blockhain Museum, is going to be a place to learn about the history of blockhain. It will be placed in the Aetherian District within Decentraland,” Polygonal Mind described.

Source: Polygonal Mind

Crypto experts and investors expect blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to take center stage as people start losing confidence with fiat money. This is why it’s only natural for people to want to understand what digital currencies are all about – and what better way that to learn while playing. It’s also the perfect time to learn about Ethereum because analysts expect one of the largest cryptocurrencies to continue its upward momentum.


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