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Riot Games recently confirmed the upcoming Competitive Mode that will be released soon after patch 0.49 and now the patch is finally out. For Valorant Patch 0.49, the League of Legends developer focused on adding updates to improve quality of life and bug fixes. Riot also made a few changes to the gameplay and balance when it comes to Omen’s vulnerability and the players’ ability to echolocate Omen’s next destination when he teleports. The Competitive Mode has also been included in the patch but will be activated at a later time.

“Rejoice with a slew of patch notes full of quality of life updates. You’ll see the addition of “Competitive mode” here and you’re gonna have to wait a little before it goes live. Yes, we’re excited too,” Valorant Comms Associate Jeff Landa wrote.

Players now have the ability to abandon multiplayer custom games permanently by selecting the “Leave Match” option in the menu. However, players who leave matchmade games or dodge agent selects will now be penalized for abandoning the game by preventing them from joining a new match for a period of time. Frequent offender will also experience higher queue times as penalty so players are advised to only abandon games as a last resort.


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