COBA is the game that keeps on giving, and it isn’t even out yet. Although the game currently has an alpha demo that you can check out, the developers at MetaTrend Group are planning to release an all new Tower Defense mode along with it.

The upcoming addition will work like your standard Tower Defense game, where you have to defend your base/tower from an onslaught of creeps. The biggest difference with COBA, of course, is that you’ll get paid in Spyce with each wave you survive.

As you clear each wave you’ll be given an option to either cash out or continue playing. For those who decide to take on another wave, a 10% increase will be added to the Spyce you earn. On top of that, the 10% increase stacks per successful wave — similar to a multiplier. There is a catch, however, if you fail to defend your towers and never cashed out, you walk away with nothing. It seems the devs want the players to feel a little tension, even for just a tower defense mode.

For those who want to participate in the upcoming Tower Defense demo, you will need to purchase one of the available heroes on OpenSea, which will also automatically grant you access to the upcoming beta.

If you want to check out more on COBA and what the devs have in store in the coming months, then visit any of the links below:

Official Website:
OpenSea (purchase hero for beta test invitation):


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