The Nintendo PlayStation was a prototype created by Sony that stems from a partnership between the two Japanese giants. The system would be able to play both SNES cartridges and CD ROMs. Sadly, Nintendo abruptly pulled out from the partnership without officially speaking with Sony and thus the system never made mass production.

Last February, it was auctioned off by its owner due to financial constraints. The owner Terry Diebold mentioned how the constant showcasing and touring of the hardware was costing him money and he made no return on the item.

Heritage Auctions were the chosen officiators and the bidding quickly rose above the $300,000 mark. As of March 7, 2020, the bidding reached its conclusion and the Nintendo PlayStation was officially sold for $360,000.

IGN reported that the auction attracted a lot of high profile bidders, such as Oculus founder Palmer Lucky. The VR pioneer tweeted about the item and wanting to buy it for preservation purposes.

With the auction over, hopefully Terry Diebold has finally made up on all the expenses from years of touring and showcasing this piece of gaming history. Although he may never get to see or hold the item ever again, he has done a lot to bring attention and relevance to a system that never was.


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